Stop thinking about your age.

I need to tell myself this and I thought I should share it with everyone on here.

There is no race to the finish line. Some people die young and some die old. Some young people do nothing valuable with their youth and some old folks are rocking the world right now.

If you feel like you’ve wasted some time in your life or missed out on opportunities: realize that, accept it and move on. Dwelling on the past holds you back from realizing your future and it definitely makes the present no fun. Crying over spent time is more time spent crying.

I have this fear: I worry that my life would come to an end before I have truly gotten to know myself and before I have done what I want in this world. And being stuck in transit, believe me it hurts me day in and day out. I’m finally with the right mindset and doing something about it; in 6 months I’m kicking the door and leaving this place to go pursue my dreams.

It’s important to say though that there is no deadline for things. I should appreciate every living moment and be thankful to be alive. It doesn’t matter that others are younger than me and they are far ahead of me in doing cool things. 2Chainz became successful in his late 30s.

I was reading background info on vice magazine and I realized that this awesome thing exists because of guys born in the late 60s. That made me change my attitude about the possibility that my greatest work would come in late age. If it weren’t for Suroosh Alvi we wouldn’t be seeing Eddie Huang documenting Mongolia for example. Old folks rock!

I am grateful to be alive today. I will make the most of today and I will do my best to make tomorrow a better day and I will stay positive. That’s all.

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