About me

Hi, my name is Mojo and I love to travel. I have been traveling for the past 5 years exploring the world.

Let me tell you about what really matters to me though: music. I am a songwriter and I am on a personal quest to perform my music in every country in Asia before 2020. I am doing this because I want to share my love for music with people around the world and to connect with like minded creative people to produce audio/visual content that makes a difference. I also want to help people understand each other more, and inspire others to pursue their dreams despite circumstances and limitations.

This blog is a place where you can join me on my journey and follow my progress. You can listen to my music on YouTube, SoundCloud or bandcamp. If you like it please do share it with friends on your social media page! Click here to sign up for my email newsletter as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about my journey you can read my blog here.

52 thoughts on “About me

  1. i cannot wait to hear about your adventure. you have my full support and enthusiasm! congratulations on your bravery in pursuit of your dreams. you absolutely deserve it mojo!

  2. Got your Listserve email. Good luck Mojo, you have a great story and you’re an inspiration to those of us living. You certainly have my support and if you’re ever passing through Pennsylvania – look me up!

  3. Read your Listserve. You are inspiring human being. Wishing you the absolute best from the bottom of my heart. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!x

  4. You are a brave man Mojo. What are borders and nationalities anyway, really? We all human beings, citizens of earth, and we all need to remember that more. Good luck for your adventure!

  5. I just read the listserve. You are amazing. If you happen to make it to California, be sure to visit slab city! Good luck on your travels and I cannot wait to read about your adventures!

  6. Hey Mojo, just read your listserve and post about Saudi. That is a culture too far from mine, which I consider to be western and genuine brazilian. Though my country is considered to be very tolerant, I believe it still has incrusted racism, in subtle and very offending ways, but prejudice is everywhere and too complicated to discuss here. Of course, by your story Saudi Arabia is another league. I firmly believe that cosmopolitan áreas are the way to go, this seems to be valid both for countries, societies and cities. The more diferent people get together, the better. Enjoy your life dream, and let me know whenever you come to Brazil 🙂

  7. Hey Mojo
    Got here via listserve.
    Nice to put a face to the words.
    Just a short note from Melbourne Australia, to say that your post was unusual, but that it caught my eye. I only hope you find a place to call home so that your passions are given expression.
    Good luck

  8. Hey. Mojo ,
    Great listserve.

    Have a look at mine! [listserve means control alt del]

    Also read james altucher website . He inspires me.

  9. Good luck on your travels, brother. I hope you find everything to be good; that which you’re looking for and that which you just discover! Peace.

  10. Great ListServe post! Do you have a Kickstarter account where we can help fund your travels? I don’t have much to give but I’d be happy to help in any way that I can!

    • Hi Erica, thank you for your offer to help. Raising awareness is the most important thing right now. Please share my blog with your friends online. Thank you.

  11. Nice blog, Mojo! Looking forward to following your adventures… give us a heads up if you are ever coming out to Oregon 🙂 ~scotty

  12. I just read your listserve and the only thing I can say is ¡Never give up! if your thinking of travel through Central America, don’t doubt to visit El Salvador.

  13. Got here from thunderclap. Good luck! I’ve suscibed and I’ll be sure to share this on Facebook. Can’t wait to hear about your Travels! 🙂

  14. Mojo – Plz go to Sudan and get your Eritrean passport and finish your school in America. you don’t have to be a country less man. In Sudan, all Eritreans who defected are free to get Eritrean passports from the Eritrean Embassy. or another possibility is to go to Ethiopia and get Eritrean passport or an Ethiopian one. There are so many ways you could play around. I mean every Eritrean would be country less but people are using tricks. Get to talk with Eritreans they will give you more ideas. Hope this helps.

    • Thank you for your advice. I will keep the Sudan suggestion in consideration while evaluating how to move further. Is it really safe? I’ve read that they kidnap Eritreans and send them to Eritrea there.

  15. Mojo yahoo
    Stateless Eritrean? Woow interesting case? Does your case fall under the 1951 Refugee Convention or the 1954 & 1961 Stateless Conventions?

    • Hi Samuel. I am de-facto stateless. I am a citizen of a country that I have never been to and if I went to, I would spend my life either in indefinite military service or worse military prison. You are Eritrean. I’m surprised you’re asking this question. Read more here on de-facto statelessness. It’s not clearly defined as a category under the conventions you mentioned above. Political bias aside, if you were in my shoes you would not go to Eritrea. http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49c3646c158.html

      • Hi Mojo
        I want to just have some information on your case. I was also curious if you are using the term “stateless” as it is defined by the twine conventions (The 1954 and 1961 Stateless Conventions.) My intention was to understand your situation and contribute something. I will send you a private email to see what I can help.

      • Bizen, thank you. I apologize for misreading your comment. I have received quite a few hateful emails from Eritreans so my bad for jumping to conclusions. I actually had a UN passport as a child born in Saudi Arabia before Eritrea became independent. So, back then I probably fit the conventions’ definition.

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