If Life Was a Video Game, Here’s Why You’re Probably Playing it WRONG!

In every video game there’s a main character.

Your job as the player is to make that character win.

And if you’re like me, you do a pretty damn good job at it.

I’m sure you’ve played Super Mario before.

Did  you ever not pick up a Star because you worried what the Goombas might think about you?

Then, why do you do that to yourself in real life?

Do you think if we held Mario to society’s standards we’d ever beat the game?

I mean he’s a plumber..

He’s short and he’s not handsome..

Yet, he’s the most awesome video game character ever. Sorry Sonic.

Why is that?

Because he knows it’s his video game and he goes after what he wants.

So who’s videogame do you play? and who’s life do you live?

The next time an irrelevant character tries to tell you how to live your life:

Just picture a Goomba sitting in front of you, and not the cute video game one.

This one:

From now on, you will remember this picture and you will thank me, because you can now laugh at the idiot talking to you.

Run your life like an epic videogame and you will be amazed by what happens.

Would you like to hear a cool story?

When Sylvester Stallone was pitching Rocky to producers, they all turned him down and   gave a million reasons why it would fail.

You know what Stallone did?

He wrote down what they said and read that the night of the Oscars when he won.

You can hear the whole story in this video below told by Tony Robbins.

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At the end it’s your life; live it as you wish.

Thanks to the Goomba on Reddit that inspired this post.

Remember: don’t let no Goomba sto(m)p your dreams! (click to tweet that!)

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2 thoughts on “If Life Was a Video Game, Here’s Why You’re Probably Playing it WRONG!

  1. Awesome advice, Mojo! I like writing fantasy and SciFi and whenever I am stuck at a point I think, “This is your character, you can make them do whatever you want” and I write them doing ridiculous things and the inspiration flows. I try to follow the same advice. This is your life, just do something about it! I don’t know what video game character I would be, but probably someone from a fantasy game, like Zelda or Avatar from the Ultima series. Peace and fair travels!!!

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