*Coughs* this got quite dusty..


I’m actually coughing right now.. getting over this bronchitis hopefully soon. It’s been a while since I wrote here. I’ve been very busy and life’s been quite interesting. I’m in the UK right now. I just got back from a month long trip around Turkey and Georgia. Did some filming with my brother. My album is almost done. I’m excited. I’m also sick of eating Kit-Kat and McDonald’s for Iftar. I miss having a meal with my family. Happy Ramadan everyone. That cat photo is from Ayasofia, Istanbul. Obama met the cat, they say. 


p.s. Kit Kat orange is terrible, don’t try it. I had one with hazelnut in Georgia and it was swell. Hopefully I’ll try the green tea flavour sometime. 

p.s.s my laptop fell while traveling and I had to format it at the apple store. That’s why it’s spelling things with the weird British ‘u’ in the middle of words like ‘flavour’ above.. I’ll try to turn that off.