Drum Roll Please: Album: Land of Broken Dreams by Mojo


Ok, I’m an asshole for not posting this earlier. I apologize. I mean I released it like ten days ago.. you guys should’ve been the first to hear it but I’ve been bad about blogging.

Here it goes, finally, after 10 years of trial and error, here’s my start:

If you like what you’re hearing, you can download it on bandcamp: mojoiam.bandcamp.com

If you’re feeling extra supportive please go like my tracks on soundcloud:¬†https://soundcloud.com/mojoiam/sets/land-of-broken-dreams

I worked really hard on this music for over 10 months. It’s very personal to me and my journey. I’ll write soon about the stories inspiring the music. Please share these links with your friends. It’s the only way to find out if people like it or not. Thank you for all your support!

Help Me Bring The World Together!


I don’t have a country.

I have been a silent refugee for two years now, traveling around looking for a home.

It would mean a lot if you can read my message and pass it along to help my cause.

As a senior at Texas A&M University, I had to leave the US because of paperwork back home.

I returned to Saudi Arabia, where I was born and raised, only to find out I was not allowed to live there anymore.

I couldn’t go to my father’s country, Eritrea, because it is unsafe.

I would be forced into indefinite military conscription doing harsh slave labor.

I spent the past two years running from one place to another just to get by.

My struggles helped me understand the hardship the less fortunate go through

but at the same time I learned to love and accept people everywhere I traveled.

I realized my purpose.

I want to bring people around the world together, through music, by showing how similar we all are.

I am going to travel the world and make a documentary showing how music makes us feel.

It would mean a lot if you can support it with a tweet or a facebook post, and pass it along to your friends.

Please help me make a difference by joining the movement and signing up for my newsletter, click here.

The Best “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card you will ever read


We all have our struggles in life and we could all use a break sometime. Life is just not easy. If yours is, you’re in the wrong blog my friend.

I will give you the best “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” you will ever find, here in this post.¬† Continue reading

This Is What It Feels Like To Be Stateless


My listserve submission coincided with the departure of a great man, the late Garry Davis. HuffPost Live reached out to me to be part of their segment on Garry’s work titled “Borderless World”. Garry was a Continue reading