#1 Friendship Reduced to Likes and No Comments

A virtual life can be dangerous.

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have a trip through time where your mind travels and your body stays in the same place?

Well, I’ve had the exact opposite of that experience.

I spent over two years hanging onto a reality that doesn’t exist anymore.

I left the US, yet I continued to book and promote concerts in College Station.

I kept thinking of scenarios and ways I could go back.

I just couldn’t deal with the reality of what had happened, how a 12-hour flight changed my life.

I couldn’t talk to anyone, not family or friends, about what I was going through.

So instead, I found refuge in a virtual life online.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s kind of cool to push the buttons of a 120,000 dollar music festival from eight thousand miles away. It’s not cool to let that distract you from living in the moment though.

My heart and mind stayed in College Station, but College Station moved on. My friends graduated. My friends forgot me.

I feel a bit bitter at how insignificant I became and angry with some people who I cared about. This morning though, I saw a photo of an old friend who managed to finally walk without pain after an ankle injury from two years ago and when I saw the photo my first thought was “wait, when did you get injured?” It turns out I’m like everyone else, missing in action from someone’s life.

Facebook is partially to blame. They’ve changed their algorithms to where you don’t see everything in a chronological order like before (or like twitter).

I think I ought to blame myself though. It scares me to admit this but I have to when strangers are more excited/receptive to my cause than my old friends are. I think that’s because I was probably not a good friend.

My friendships mostly reduced to Facebook ‘Likes’ and no ‘Comments’.

This is my first of 100 posts under “Before We Get Started”. In 100 days I will turn 10,000 days old and start my journey to travel the world through music. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog here. 

6 thoughts on “#1 Friendship Reduced to Likes and No Comments

  1. “My friendships mostly reduced to Facebook ‘Likes’ and no ‘Comments’.”

    That comment right there, that’s exactly why I quit Facebook.

  2. I quit FB long before moving to Japan, it was just too distracting. I set up a private blog that I use to keep in touch and its been working out rather well.

  3. As much as Facebook “connects” you, it is more of a disconnect. It freaks me out to say I don’t reach out to my friends near enough than I would without a Facebook. When you work in the media industry though, you can’t just break away from it when it’s your way of life.

    Keep on keepin’ on, Mojo. We’re here, whether you see it in your ‘Comments’ or not. =)

  4. Hey Mal, yeah you can’t escape social media in a field like that. I can’t either. I guess it’s about learning to focus on what you do without waiting for the internet to validate you, even though you need the internet. It’s a fight club sorta paradox. You gotta not need it to get it.

    Thank you for reading and stopping by 🙂

  5. I can see how Facebook can keep you from feeling the need to actually reach out to friends over the phone or via email instead of just taking a quick browse on their Facebook page. But I still think it’s a great way to keep somewhat in touch with friends and their lives, just like a blog can be.

    Especially if you’re overseas, it can be almost impossible to find a time when you’re free AND your friend is free for a Facetime or Skype call.

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