10 Important Life Lessons Learned from a Lovebird

I have the most annoying pet in the world. Her name is Tweetie and she’s a lovebird.

Here is some of the wisdom I’ve learned from Tweetie through two years of knowing her:

1- Never give up: Tweetie lays eggs every month. I don’t know how it’s possible but she does, and they never hatch. She never gives up though. She gets up every day, and starts picking things for her nest. She does that all day, everyday.

2- Don’t be afraid to experiment: From paper, to plastic, to wooden frames, to fancy leather bags, Tweetie has bit her way through everything she has seen while trying to build her nest. She managed to  tear down my mom’s favorite curtains all by herself.  Electric wires are starting to pop out in the ceiling and I’m seeing holes but the house is still in tact. Knock on wood. Experiment!

3- Stand up for what you believe: The order of things dictates that sometimes I have to lock Tweetie up in a cage so the maid can clean. Tweetie does not accept that reality. She will yell and yell to no end, in her annoying squeaky voice. Sometimes I wake up having the worst headaches from her yelling.  I end up surrendering to her will. My mother complaining about Tweetie is more tolerable than Tweetie complaining about Mom. Tweetie wins.

4- Play chess: She goes into the cage voluntarily knowing she will soon get out.

5- Learn to bite: Tweetie likes to sit on my shoulder sometimes. She likes to bite me too. She bit my nose twice before and it bled and got swollen. I forgot where the lesson was in that. Yeah, don’t mess with Tweetie.

6- Learn to be kind: when you need something. That’s how Tweetie does it at least. Sometimes she will come out of the blue and sit on my shoulder and stare at me with her innocent eyes, and starts making normal pet bird sounds.. like singing and stuff. That’s when I take her to the bathroom to dip into the sink, or get her a big bowel of sunflower seeds. Of course, once she’s done eating she  flies away and starts ignoring me.

7- Manage resources well: The amount of food she eats differs depending on what time of the day I change the food. When I am late, she eats less. She also saves her bath for when I change the water.

8- Shower everyday: some of us need a reminder. Tweetie does not. She will attack any water surfice she finds, including the mug sitting on my desk. Luckily, I don’t bring hot fluids to my room or else she would have gone KFC by now.

9- Spread Love not hate: Tweetie has a weird friend/girlfriend. We’re not sure  whether Sauce is a guy or a girl. But, Tweetie loves it so much even though It’s a total punk. The sight of the two cuddling is just heart warming. That’s until they start doing it without any warning; that’s when things get weird.

Number 10? I’ve yet to figure that out. I believe I can fly? Enjoy the pictures and the video below!

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